Welcome to ESHINE! We're excited to have you here and we're looking forward to helping you find the perfect lighting solutions for your home or business. LED lighting is the future of lighting, it's energy efficient, long lasting, and provides bright and even light. We carry a wide range of LED lights. Thanks for choosing ESHINE, and we're here to help you light up your world. Many homes and dormitories don't provide adequate kitchen lighting, so additional, easy-to-install, and unobtrusive lighting is in demand. We found the perfect solution in hand wave activated, under cabinet lighting. It's virtually invisible when installed, fully illuminates the area, and doesn't require any wiring or hard-to-find switches. It's ideal for renters, students, or anyone who wants some extra light with super easy installation.


When it comes to home improvement, kitchen lighting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to raise your home's value. At EShine, we want to help you add beauty and function to your home in the easiest and most inexpensive way possible. In essence, we care about your home as if it were our own EShine lighting can transform your kitchen in minutes.

under cabinet kighting


Our Products

Do you want to improve the entire look and feel of your kitchen in less than an hour (without the use of a magic wand)? All you need to do is install some under cabinet lighting. Cabinets block ceiling light to your counter tops, creating a shadowy no-man's land just a few inches in from the counter's edge. This space often remains under-utilized due to low visibility, and it keeps your kitchen looking gloomy.

The solution to all of these problems is simple, hidden lighting. The lights screw in (or stick on) to the underside of your cabinets, creating instant illumination. There's no wiring involved. Just plug it in, and you're set. Our lights even include motion-sensitive activation. Any time you need more light, simply wave your hand.


under cabinet lighting
Upgrade your kitchen in an instant with under counter lighting.


Motion-activated under counter lights are also ideal for nighttime use. Instead of turning on the glaring overhead kitchen light, a small flick of the wrist gives you just enough light to work by without disturbing anyone else. Whether you're grabbing a late night snack or packing a lunch in the early morning, your housemates will thank you for keeping the lights low.

 As if that weren't reason enough to upgrade your home's lighting, all of our products feature low-cost, energy efficient LED bulbs. This eco-conscious option will reduce your family's carbon footprint and lower your monthly electricity bill.

Lighting Accessories

Our job wouldn't be complete unless we provided all the necessary accessories and upgrades to go along with our products. Because so many of our customers install multiple under cabinet lights, we want to offer the convenience of having all of your lighting connected. Rather than waving over each light in sequence to turn them all on, hook all of your lights together with our Interconnect Cable. Now, when you walk into your kitchen you can turn all of your convenience lighting on with one movement.

We also offer extension cables, to make sure you can install your lighting wherever you like. Don't worry about a lack of available outlets in your kitchen; our extension cables are specifically designed to work with our under cabinet lighting, so you can plug it in anywhere.

Our Future

In just five years, EShine has grown from a small business with a limited catalog to a flourishing online store. We're continually adding more products, and consistently provide top-notch customer service and assistance. Our dedication to our customers and our desire to fully meet their needs is what keeps our business thriving.

In the future, we plan to continue expanding to better serve our customers. We keep a close eye on the latest developments in technology, to ensure we're always a step ahead of our competition. We also continue to update our products to reflect the latest industry trends, so we can stay your source for up-to-date information and designs.

Staying current as an online retailer also involves keeping our webstore updated and easily accessible to all of our clients. We regularly re-evaluate and re-test our web design and store layout. Any time we have an opportunity to advance and make your shopping experience easier, we take it.

 At EShine, the future has never looked brighter.

Why EShine?


What makes EShine stand out from the rest?

We launched our company in response to a need, but we never relied on the fact that we were one of the only games in town. Instead, we made sure we provided superior customer service, fast, reliable shipping, and quality assurance. We're proud to be an industry leader, and we're ever-vigilant in staying that way.


EShine is the best company for you because we're simply the best company in the business. Our service, products, and delivery are all unsurpassed, and we take great pride in that. We treat your with a level of respect that's rarely seen in today's sale-driven retail environment.


So We Thank You

Without our customers, our company wouldn't exist. EShine first began as a way to help others find the products they needed to simplify their lives and reduce their expenses. It continues because you've allowed us to do so. It's been our pleasure to serve you, and we look forward to serving you better in the future.



If you have any questions about our company, our policies, or our products, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to send us your comments through our web-based form