Sometimes, you need some lighting in an area far away from an outlet. While you could hire an electrician to install wiring for the lighting, this can be a costly hassle you may not want to undertake. At EShine, you will find various battery-operated LED strip lights that can make lighting up any area of your home simple. You can install these lights just about anywhere without worrying about access to electricity. It all runs on batteries for simple installation and use. All of the battery-powered LED strip lights we offer run on rechargeable batteries, allowing you to experience the desired lighting without spending a lot of money on batteries.

Enjoy Convenient Activation

One of the greatest advantages of choosing our battery-operated LED strip lights is their convenient activation features. Instead of relying on a switch to turn your lights on and off, increasing the risk of forgetting to turn them off, you can choose between motion activation and hand wave activation strip lighting. Our goal is to provide you with the convenient lighting options you need with greater convenience and energy savings. You don’t have to choose between a well-lit area and reducing your energy costs.

All the Features You Want

In addition to the convenience of motion or hand wave activation, our battery-powered LED strip lights offer the features you want, particularly for under-cabinet lighting. Our light fixtures are dimmable, allowing you to customize the amount of light that illuminates the area. You can choose between various lengths to ensure you get the lighting you need to suit your space.

Browse through our selection of battery-operated LED strip lights to find the solution that best meets your needs.