Find Out: Why Do You Need LED Strip Lighting In Your Kitchen?


Find Out: Why Do You Need LED Strip Lighting In Your Kitchen?

Like sufficient counter space and rollout shelves, good lighting design in your kitchen is a must. Today’s kitchen is a place where your family and guests often gather to eat, prepare food and socialize. It’s one thing to have general lighting in this area like what you usually see in home plans - lamps placed in kitchen aisles and another to have proper lighting for people who work in the kitchen.

See this Figure 1 below where there’s no task lighting present versus Figure 2 where there are lights present under the counters and cabinets.

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Fig. 1 Kitchen without LED strip lights in areas where tasks are performed on a daily basis

When you only have general lighting or what’s referred to as Ambient lighting, your overhead kitchen lights cast a shadow especially whenever you stand in the way of it. With LED strips installed as your Task lighting, it means you’ll never have to work in the dark again. It’s also a discreet way to even the layers of lighting in your kitchen without the source being seen.


Fig. 2 Kitchen with both general lighting and LED strip lights

Aside from functionality, it also adds style and sets the mood in the heart of your home. The amazing flexibility of LED strip lights makes it an easy and affordable way to create an intimate and relaxing ambience in any room. You can install it and bring your backsplash into life. EShine LED strip lights have dimmable versions where you can adjust the brightness according to your liking. Cooking your family’s favorite dish? Prepping ingredients for someone’s birthday? Or even waking up at night and whipping up a midnight snack, LED strips help you get these tasks done with just a wave of a hand! No need to grope in the dark for the switch!  


The best part is, aside from Amazon’s 30-day Return Policy, we also offer a 3-year warranty on all of our products which means you are assured that you will get your money’s worth! 


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