How To Produce Instagram-Worthy Photos of Your Kitchen: Secret Revealed

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How To Produce Instagram-Worthy Photos of Your Kitchen: Secret Revealed

How do you create great images? Especially with all of the advanced technology around us, it’s easy to fall prey and be dependent on image filters.

Light, more specifically the quality of light, is valuable and can have a profound effect on the mood of your pictures and really good photographers understand this.

In almost every room of your house, EShine LED lighting kits are highly dependable. Most especially, in your kitchen.

We all know that most selfies happen at home. Therefore, it pays to have these babies handy for your Instagram-worthy images!

In the past, kitchen lighting comprised a single fluorescent light that was slapped up in the middle of the room’s ceiling, and that was that.

Today, however, as the kitchen moves away from being a mere utilitarian space, to being more of living space, and often part of an open-plan living space design, innovative and efficient lighting design has become a must-have for any well-dressed kitchen.

Why Do Good Instagram Photos Matter?

According to Buffer, Instagram’s algorithm ranks what you see in your newsfeed based on the type of posts you have interacted in the past.

Taking this to mind, clever lighting plays an important role in making your photos instagrammable.

Installing effective and attractive LED lighting in your kitchen will bring out the best in your kitchen’s design - the food you prepare, and the way you feel when you are in this space.

Lighting principles for picture-taking are rather tricky to uphold. But to make it significantly easier, you can use dimmable lights as a solution. These just make things so much easier because you can customize light intensity to achieve the most flattering glow. trusts EShine LED lighting kits to deliver. Check out the article here.

And if you’re lucky, you may just snag great discounts in the form of coupons every now and then, here on our website!

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  • Posted on by Virginia Powell

    Love the DIY easy way to add lighting that’s not invasive, but sets the mood or makes it easy to SEE!

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