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How To Smartly Upgrade Your Bathroom For Less

You want to improve the look of your bathroom without pouring your money down the drain so much on a complete bathroom remodel. Yes? Let’s do a rundown below.

FACT I: For a small bathroom of roughly 100 square feet, cost summary is at $1000 - $15,000+ according to Bathroom Remodel.

You may be asking yourself if:

  1. Is it a good idea to renovate your bathroom on the cheap?
  2. Should you replace your tiles?
  3. Buy a vanity cabinet?

Aaaarrrggghhhh! This is a dilemma and you need to update your bathroom on a budget…

While all of these are considerable thoughts, the most crucial question of all IS - how should you accomplish these modifications for enhanced safety and self-care? So that when you update your bathroom, it is not only cost-efficient but also a secure place for your loved ones…

According to a study on National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine --

FACT II: The most common location for fall injuries in the home was the bathroom (35.7%).

The answer is - use dimmable LED lights. One of the main advantages of LED bathroom lights is their safety. Given that these lights use lower voltage, they are sturdier despite harm from water and also vapor. LED lights are a hot commodity today. Not only are home LED interior lights highly efficient, cost-effective, and relatively easy to install, they are also very attractive. Home LED lights are designed to highlight and accentuate the beautiful features of your home as well as provide you with sufficient lighting.

LEDs can be easily installed in any room in the home, including the bathroom. Bathrooms require high-quality lighting to prevent injury and for convenience, especially when performing daily beauty routines. The world is your oyster with your bathroom’s relaxing atmosphere and stunning backdrop - all because your bathroom lights are dimmable! Additionally, LED lights are efficient, long lasting and can give your bathroom a much-needed modern makeover.

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