LED Puck Lights: What’s Interesting About it for Home and Office Design Use


LED Puck Lights: What’s Interesting About it for Home and Office Design Use

Lighting is the unsung hero of the home and it’s easy to get wrong. But knowing the basics can easily save you!

When we say “basics”, these are the 3 types of lighting any space must be considered to have.

These are:

Each type has a specific function that has to be considered when planning out the lighting of the room. In this article, we’ll be focusing on Accent lighting. 

Our homes tell the story of those who lived in it. It’s our one chance to show who we really are and influence the way our families live. At the end of the day, every material matters. Decorative (aka Accent) lighting is an essential ingredient to achieving this. There’s no other part of the home that delivers a mood, a message and eye candy all at the same time quite like decorative lighting!

EShine puck lights are very shallow depth LED lights with an aluminum finish.

Interesting details:
1. What’s interesting about using LED puck lights is that it’s able to fit including the wiring inside shelf spaces (usually 1 ½ inches) making it a low profile light to use which means it will be unobtrusive when you use it in designing your home.

2. The second thing is that, typically in millwork it emits a lot of heat and what’s nice about a LED light is that there’s no heat emitted so you don’t have to worry about any ventilation requirements.

EShine LED puck lights are also dimmable and can be turned on and off with just a wave of your hand. It has a memory function feature as well which means it’ll remember the last brightness setting it was on.

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