The Newest Lighting Design Trends for 2022


The Newest Lighting Design Trends for 2022

We expect that under cabinet lighting batteries will become much more popular in 2022 because LED lights last longer than other types of lighting and this type of lighting can be used inside cabinets, underneath countertops, or inside drawers without having to worry about the cord getting in the way. This provides added convenience when it comes time to open or close these cabinets or drawers while still providing task lighting for that task at hand.

Using LED Lighting as a Design Focal Point

The new task lighting styles are unlike anything else out on the market right now, yet they are also very different from what has been on the market before. Task lighting is used to highlight a task or object of focus and usually does not use task lighting in order to provide an overall illumination of the room or space.

Task lighting can be used to showcase a task, task lighting is sometimes used to illuminate an entire room while task lighting provides lighting for a task at hand or task lighting can be used to highlight a particular object or task. Task lighting is also helpful when it comes time to keep track of your keys at night! When task lighting is being used, task lighting is just bright enough to highlight the task on hand while task lighting can be dimmed or brightened in order to help you read something more effectively.

Make a Statement Using Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural lighting includes furniture that uses a light fixture as a design element. Sculptural lighting can include LED puck lights hung from chains or rods with a metal shade overtop, wall sconces covered in glass panels, table lamps made out of pieces of metal, and floor lamps made of metal, wood, or glass. Sculptural lighting is able to provide shade for the LED puck lights while adding a new shape to the space.

The goal of sculptural lighting is to highlight your personal tastes, preferences, and style instead of trying to match it with something else that you may already have in another room.

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