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Motion & IR sensors

You can find many different types on sensors for your project.

Hand Wave IR Sensor Switch for LED Lighting

HAND WAVE ACTIVATED!  The Sensitive IR Sensor of our Under Cabinet Lights turn ON/OFF with a simple wave. Connect this switch to existing lighting and enjoy with hand wave activation. TOUCHLESS DIMMING CONTROL! Hold your hand under the sensor to adjust the brightness of all lights in the same chain. No remote needed. Connect this IR hand wave switch to your...

Mini PIR Motion Sensor Switch for LED Lighting

Connect this motion sensor switch to your LED lighting kit.  Connection Size 3.5DCx1.35mm Two Installation Methods Included: Typical Screws and 3M Sticker (no damage option).  Compatible with 12V DC and 24V DC EShine Lighting strips and kits  as well as any other devices with running voltage 5-24V DC  EShine motion sensor switch .Operating Voltage: 5-24 Volts DCDelay Range: 15s by default (2-360s adjustable)...