FAQ EShine Lights

Our kits come with everything you need to install in minutes, including LED panels with 3M double backed adhesive stickers, cables, power supply, cable clamps and screws. Our system is modular, and accessories are interchangeable. All components and accessories can be purchased separately or in a kit. You can add on to your kit at any time by purchasing additional components.

WE do not have RGB at this time for sale. Our lights comes in 2 white color temperatures: Cool White - 6000K, Warm White - 3000K

The sensing distance is 6-8 cm from IR sensor.

Hold your hand under the sensor for more than 1 sec to adjust brightness of all lights from 10% to 100% level

There is no timer. LED lights will stay ON until you wave your hand again.

When you turn lights on/off, it will remember your last used brightness level. It will reset memory once you unplug light from the power.

EShine Under Cabinet Lighting generate a very small amount of heat and are much safer than light bulbs. You can handle them without worry, even after they have been plugged in for days.


Under dark enough condition, automatically powers on when motion is detected within 3 meters, automatically turned off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Our Rechargeable lights have 4 modes:

- Mode 1 (Always On);

- Mode 2 (Motion & Light Sensor);

- Mode 3 (Only Motion Sensor);

- Mode 4 (OFF).

Perhaps you are using Mode 2 (Motion & Light Sensor). In this case, the motion sensor will work correctly under dark enough conditions only. Please make sure that you are using LED light in the correct mode.

Yes, you can adjust the delay time using Mode 4 (Setting Mode). Here you can adjust delay time using dimmer switch button (see details at point 4 of the manual). After turning ON the light, short press the power switch three times, red and green indicator flash together, it enters into Setting Mode.

Operating time depends on the brightness level used (Always ON mode) for 10"/17"/24":

100% brightness - 4:00/4:30/6:30 hours;

65% brightness - 6:00/6:30/6:30 hours;

30% brightness - 15:00/16:00/28:00 hours.

Yes, Rechargeable bar can run continuously if always plugged in (“Always On” mode). In this case it will work while it's charging.

Yes, since the rechargeable bar has built-in magnet, you can attach it anywhere on the ironwork. If this is not possible, you can use screws or 3M magnetic adhesive tape, which you can remove with sharp knife.

3200K (Warm White) is traditional yellowish color and associated with the warming light of fire. Is more yellowish-white. Warm White is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in areas you want to chill with friends and family.
5000K (Day White) is a neutral white light. It can be compared to the color of the midday sun. Has a more bluish tone. If you’re looking to create a natural effect, daylight is the colour for you. It mimics natural light and can be comfortably used anywhere in your home.

The charging time for correct operation of the rechargeable battery 10"/17"/24" is 2:30-3:30/4:00-5:00/5:00-6:00 hours. For charging Rechargeable light package includes 1x USB Cable. Current of the power source should be more than 1A for charging, so the regular cellular charger will do nicely.


You should check few things to identify an issue:

1. Please make sure power plug cord connected to the panel with IR sensor to the marked side "Connect Power" (it will be the red sticker with red arrow).

2. Is Bar with IR sensor first in line?

3. Are there any objects within 5 inches from the sensor ( wall, wood board, any kitchen supplies)? They may block sensor and interrupt correct work of handwave activation and dimming function.

4. If you have cabinet lip, make a sure panel with the sensor not installed close to it (should be at least 5 inches from the lip), it might block the sensor. As a test you can remove panel with sensor and test it on open space, please make sure power plug cord connected to the panel with IR sensor to the marked side "Connect Power" (it will be red sticker with red arrow).

Depending on how much light you desire. Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, here is list of our recommendations :

7" LED bar for cabinets up to 12", 12" bar for up to 20", 20" bar for up to 30" and 40" bar for up to 60".

Please remember each project are unique, these are basic recommendation to get sufficient light under your cabinet, shelf , work space etc.

Some clients install panels together, depending on desired effect and brightness.

Ordering additional pieces from EShine can easily upgrade your lighting system. All components and accessories are sold separately for easy expansion.

Yes, all of EShine kits are fully modular. Just make sure that your power supply has enough wattage and have similar voltage (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) to add the extra panels needed for your project! If you connect bar which has different volatge it will NOT work with your existing system.

DO NOT overload power supply, follow our wattage consumption chart:

7"- 2W+-10%

12"- 3W+-10%

20" - 5W+-10%

40" - 10W+-10%

Make sure total sum of wattage in your system do not go over of your power supply capacity.

Example: 12 inch panel consumes 3W, you can add up to 4 12 in led bars to 12W power supply.

Yes you can use two Eshine LED panels with IR in one installation but you need to split them on two sides using our female -male/male splitter. Each panel will be controlled on/off on its own and will have a dimming function on it's side.

Yes! You can find a wide range of extension cords for our lights in our store.

Yes you can control EShine Under Cabinet Lighting by regular switch, but you will need to bypass sensor. To bypass sensor you need to connect power cord to opposite side of marked side of the panel with IR sensor (marked “Connect Power”). This way light can be controlled by the switch and dimmer (if you have one, make sure it is compatible with 12V-24V, wall switch dimmers will not work due to voltage difference) or plug/unplug power supply.

You can hardwire EShine Under Cabine Lighting, but you will need to get transformer from 110V to 12V DC because operating voltage is 12V DC. We suggest that you contact licensed electrician for this type of installation.

You may calculate how many lights you can use with power supply.

Wattage of our panels:

7" bar - 2W+/-10%

12" bar - 3W+/-10%

20" bar - 5W+/-10%

40" bar - 10W+/-10%

Sum up the wattage of all your LED bars, based on number you get +/-10% choose desired power supply.


2x 12 inch bars +1 x 20 inch bar + 7 inch bar

Total wattage for this chain: 2X3W+5W+2W=13W

12V DC 12W Power supply can be suitable since 13W not going over 10% of power adаpter capacity .

Attention! 12V panels are not compatible with 24V panels and power supply!


EShine LED Lighting Kit comes with Limited 3-Year Warranty. This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period. During the Warranty Period, we will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

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