Amazing Dimmable LED and how it works!


Amazing Dimmable LED and how it works!

led lighting

How do LED Works?

First off LED stands for light emitting diode. Diodes are semiconductors. Electrons pass through these semiconductors. As they do this the electrons are turned into light.

You will notice with a regular light bulb they tend to get warm. This heat is taking away from the energy that is needed to create the light. LED lights also get warm, but they have a system built into them that moves the heat away from the semiconductors. It means that more energy is being spent on the light rather than the heat. This makes the LED lights energy efficient which in turn saves money on the energy costs. The way they are made makes them more durable so they don't get damaged as easily. This means fewer replacements because of damage. And LEDs are and much cooler than halogen/incandescent lights, reducing the risk of burns.


Extra Benefits with the LED Light

Another great benefit that comes with the latest version of LED lighting is the Dimmable LED. This gives the user even greater control over their lighting.



The Benefits of Dimmable LED Cabinet Lighting

kitchen under cabinet lighting

There are many different places where LED lighting can be used. One of the most beneficial uses of this type of lighting is as under cabinet lighting. Now with the ability to use the dimmable LED cabinet lighting it brings additional benefits to the LED lighting.


Energy Efficient           

This type of lighting is more economical as it saves money on the energy used.


The LED Cabinet Lighting has the ability to fit in with any decor. It is modern looking yet with its soft glow it fits in with any rustic theme as well. It provides a cozy warm look and ambience to any room that it is used in.



The LED lights last much longer than the standard forms of lighting. This means there is no need to replace them as quickly as a result of burn out.

More Lighting Control


You have the ability to control the amount of light you wish to use. The dimmable feature allows for this.


Easier on the Eyes

eye friendly LED lighting

LED lighting has been proven to be easier on the eyes. The dimmable LED Cabinet lighting takes this a step further. One can adjust this lighting according to what feels comfortable for their eyes at any given time.

Where You Can Use LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The different places where you can use under cabinet lighting are almost endless. It can serve a purpose in virtually every room in the home or business where there is a cabinet being used.

kitchen under cabinet lighting

  • It can be used in the kitchen to add extra lighting under cabinets that sit over counter tops.
bathroom led lighting
  • In the bathroom it can add soft lighting under bathroom cabinets.
bedroom led lighting
  • In the bedrooms it can be used under cabinets or mirrors that are used over dressers.
office led lighting
  • In the office it can be used under the cabinets of desks to provide the perfect lighting for desk work
workshop led lighting
  • In the workshop it works beautifully for providing light over the work bench.
craft room led lighting
  • In the craft room it provides the exact amount of lighting needed for all types of projects.
bedroom lighting
  • In the kids room it can be used as a useful desk or bed lighting.
yacht led lighting
  • In the yacht kitchen, bedroom or bathroom

With the dimmable LED cabinet lighting it means that the lighting in all of these areas can be perfectly controlled as different needs arise.


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