TOP 6 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With 2021 Kitchen Design Trends II


TOP 6 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With 2021 Kitchen Design Trends II

Do you plan to design or renovate your kitchen within the year? Here are the top 6 reasons that will make you fall in love with 2021 kitchen design trends.

#2 Metal Colors

Sink handles and faucets are not only functional elements in contemporary design. These details are part of the design and must be selected in harmony with the cabinet’s collar, flooring, countertop, and obviously, with your chosen kitchen interior design style.

These metal details are what gives that sophisticated and authentic touch to your kitchen space. They don’t necessarily have to match each other because combining neutral or cool metals with warm tone metals give the space contrast and its “wow” factor.

Design Pro Tip: When you use a matte black faucet, you can combine it with brushed gold handles. The important thing is that you select your primary and secondary metal. Use them throughout the kitchen in equal proportions. This helps create a cohesive atmosphere and design.

This technique consists of repeating the same material throughout the same space to repeat rhythm and making our eyes connect and group all the elements of similar materials and make the brain perceive the space as a unity.

Rhythm is a fundamental design principle widely used in architecture and interior design and it’s good to keep this tip in mind. We recommend making a material board before selecting the final accessories for your kitchen. It can either be digital or with real samples of different materials you plan to use in your design. In this way, you can visualize how they relate to each other ensuring that your combination is balanced and pleasant.

Design Pro Tip: Complete your kitchen design with EShine’s Warm White dimmable under cabinet LED lighting kits.

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