TOP 6 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With 2021 Kitchen Design Trends III


TOP 6 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With 2021 Kitchen Design Trends III

Do you have a plan to design or renovate your kitchen within this year? Here are the 4th and 5th reasons that will make you fall in love with 2021 kitchen design trends.

#4 Cabinets

In contemporary kitchens, cabinets are usually more versatile and adapted to the needs of the user.

The current trend is to bring the upper cabinet up to the ceiling to take more advantage of the vertical space as storage and give the kitchen the feel that it’s higher than it really is. These upper cabinets can be combined with floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Also, contemporary kitchens can have only low cabinets for creating a luxurious look. And at the top, you can opt for open shelving or leave it free for a fresh minimalist look.

Be unique! Break the rules and adapt your spaces according to your needs!

#5 Workstation Sink

Sinks have always been a super functional element in the kitchen. Today, there are ultra-functional designs that allow tasks to be carried out in a more organized, comfortable and space-saving way.

These types of sinks are known as workstations. It has an integrated latch that allows you to slide custom accessories across the sink to prepare meals, wash fruits and vegetables, etc.

Kitchens are the most functional area of a home and making tasks more efficient through design and the elements that compose it is essential. If you have a budget that allows you to include these special things, don’t hesitate to add them to your designs. Apart from the fact that they allow you to keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered, and facilitate tasks, its modern style gives the kitchen a sophisticated air.

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