TOP 6 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With 2021 Kitchen Design Trends IV


TOP 6 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With 2021 Kitchen Design Trends IV

Don’t you just love when kitchens are integrated with the living room? Since the kitchen can be better adapted to other spaces, here’s the 6th reason that will make you fall in love with 2021 kitchen design trends.

#6 LED Lighting

Ceiling lights and lamps can be complemented by different under cabinet lights, especially on the island or sink area. Under cabinet lighting is the perfect way to brighten up certain spots around your home. It will transform your home to make your day-to-day life effortless. It highlights the beauty of your home while illuminating dark corners not reached by general lighting.

These obscure LED lighting kits can be also inside cabinets or under it. They are especially used in the kitchen and are integrated into the living room or dining room because they increase functionality with the focused illumination they provide.

You can opt for puck lights with a dimmer switch designed for a contemporary style to create a focal point in a certain area in your kitchen. Another option is you can include individual LED panels (comes with IR and without IR sensor options) in order to create clean shapes that are pleasing to the eyes and complement a minimalist space.

You can also opt for a full LED lighting system for a modern industrial style.

Design Pro Tip: Choose a LED lighting kit color that connects with the overall aesthetics (shape, color, and style) of the other decorated objects in your home.

Soon, we’ll share methods of how to properly light a kitchen space. Remember that these trends serve as a guide for your designs but you must adapt and combine them according to your taste and personality.

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