What Type of Fixtures are Needed for Your Walk-In Closet? - Part I


What Type of Fixtures are Needed for Your Walk-In Closet? - Part I

What Type Of Fixtures Are Needed For Your Walk-In Closet?Have you ever been able to tell the difference between dark blue and black clothes in the dark? You’ll surely appreciate Closet Lighting. Closet lighting is an often overlooked area of space management and design. But adding this feature to your closet can make the difference between a space that is dark and gloomy versus one that literally shines with beauty and functionality. Even if your space includes a window, it can benefit from a modern LED closet lighting system. Many people shy away from any type of remodeling that involves working with wires and installation. Today's closet lighting is mainly low voltage and mostly LEDs, however, and does not require the services of a licensed electrician. You can install it like what this article from ThisOldHouse says but it’s pricey and tedious and… did we mention it’s pricey compared to when you buy a set of ready-made LED lighting?

Ambient Illumination

Of all the types of lighting used in interior design, ambient light might be the most important. In fact, it might be the only  type of lighting that comes built into your traditional walk-in closet—likely provided by a fluorescent panel or a couple of recessed can lights. Walk-in closets vary in layout, size and design, so placing a single light fixture overhead may not illuminate every nook and cranny. Although, for the best results, you’re going to want to look even further out of the box. Going for stylish central lighting fixture, like a chandelier or a large or framed pendant lamp, will go a long way toward making your space more put together. Choose a fixture with multiple light sources to really increase the general light in a shadowy space like the one below.

modern closet lighting

The purpose of ambient light is to provide a soft glow without glare—so a spotlight-type lamp or directed track light is not going to create the look you’re going for here.

Know more about the ABCs of Closet Lighting on Part II!


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