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24 Watt 12V DC Power Supply Adapter


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【Power specifications】Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A ; Output: 12V DC, 2A (2000mA); Output wattage 24W.

【Cable and connector details】Power supply includes a 4.9ft power cord with 3.5mm (Outer Diameter) x 1.35mm (Inner Diameter) connector.

【Important note】Verify that your LED bars are 12V DC compatible before purchasing this power supply.

【Wide compatibility】Designed for use with EShine lighting products or any other products meeting the specified requirements, allowing seamless integration and optimal performance.


Optimize your EShine under cabinet lighting setup with this 24W 12V DC power supply, designed to support a range of EShine LED lights with varying wattages:
Puck light - 2W+-10%
7" bar - 2W +/-10%
12" bar - 3W +/-10%
20" bar - 5W +/-10%
40" bar - 10W +/-10%
This versatile power supply, capable of handling up to a 24W load, includes a 4.9ft power cord and 3.5mm (Outer Diameter) x 1.35mm (Inner Diameter) connectors, ensuring seamless compatibility with your EShine lighting bars.

[Important] Before purchasing, ensure your LED bars are 12V DC compatible to prevent overloading the power supply, and enjoy a well-lit, energy-efficient space with EShine's reliable lighting solutions.

1X 24W 12V DC Power Supply
3X Wire Clips


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Ask a Question
  • can power supply be hooked up to 220volts?

    Hello Сabo,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Yes, of course, our power supply can be connected to a 220V source. At the output, it converts the voltage 220V into 12V.DC
    Here are specs for 12W 12V adapter 
    Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.35A
    Output 12V DC 1000mA
    Please let me know if you have any further questions or need assistance.