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12 Panels 12 inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting


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  • HAND WAVE ACTIVATED! The Sensitive IR Sensor of our Under Cabinet Lights turn ON/OFF with a simple wave. Great for Busy Days in the Kitchen. No pesky remote control that gets dirty and bothers you while you work.
  • TOUCHLESS DIMMING CONTROL! Hold your hand under the sensor to adjust the brightness of all lights. No remote needed.
  • ECONOMIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY. With a low energy consumption of 42W, EShine LED under cabinet lights will save you money and are environment friendly.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. Two Installation Methods Included: Typical Screws and 3M Sticker (no damage option). Includes wire clips for comfortable installation.
  • IMPORTANT. Due to the voltage difference, we do not have any additional panels that will be compatible with this lighting kit. If you planning to use any other accessories, please make sure it is compatible with 24V

    High Quality LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting 12 Panel Kit with 24V DC

    IMPORTANT: Due to voltage difference we do not have any additional panels that will be compatible with this lighting kit. If you planning to use any other accessories, please make sure it is compatible with 24V
    Are you looking for a few Under Cabinet Lights to brighten up a dark spot in your kitchen? Are remote controlled lights too much of a bother to open when you're cooking? If so, we have the PERFECT solution for you: The IR Sensor LED Under Cabinet Kit by EShine!
    Sturdy and Economic
    This kit is made from the best materials and uses an economic 42 Watt Power Supply.
    Easy to Install
    Two installation methods are included: Simple screws method and 12 powerful 3M stickers for a no-damage options, so you don't ruin your precious cabinets.
    Fun to Use
    Just wave your hand at the sensitive IR Sensor and the light will turn ON. Just do the same to turn it OFF. It is that simple and fun!
    Touchless dimming control
    Hold your hand steady under the sensor and you will see how lights will change brightness. You can adjust it from 10 to 100%. Is that cool?
    Available in two colors: Cool White (Model EL30012DC) and Warm White (Model EL30012DW).
    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. You either love it or we give you a full refund.

    Order Yours Now at a Premium Price and 100% Risk Free!


    · 1X LED bar with IR sensor (this bar acts as a controller unit for rest of lights in the chain)

    · 11X LED bar without sensor

    · 11X Connection cables (3.3 ft each)

    · 11X Connectors

    · 26X Wire Clips with 3M sticker preinstalled

    · 12X 3M double-sided stickers

    · 24X Screws

    · 24X Screw caps

    · 1X 42W power supply

    Each LED bar has 30 LED's and 230lm brightness. Panel Size 11.81(L) X 0.38(H) X 1.13 (W) inch

    If you need accessories such as longer interconnect cable or extension cable for an adapter, it is available for purchase.

    EShine LED lighting kits and accessories come with 3-Year Warranty.

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    Ask a Question
    • Does you product work with 220 Volts in Hong Kong?

      Yes, our power supplies have Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

    • Is it possible to use only eight of the 12 inch strips i

      Yes, you can use any number of LED bars from the kit. I would like to remind you that LED bar with IR sensor has to be first in line because it will control the on / off / dim functions of the entire chain.

    • If you use all lights (12) with the supplied connectors (11), (not the wires) . What’s is the overall length of the set up? Individually do they equal 12 inches with 1 connector? Thanks

      The connector is 1.31 inch long. If you use them to connect 12 LED bars, the total installation length is approximately 152 inches.

    • Your kit has 12 lamps but only 11 sticky strips?

      No, this kit has  12 3M double-sided stickers

    • Is it OK to only install 9 or 10 of the LED strips?

      Yes, it is possible.