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Black Finish 3 Extra Long 20 inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting


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【Wave on, wave off】One wave is all it takes to activate or deactivate our under counter LED lights. No need to wipe your hands and turn a knob on a shelf lighting remote or a switch. This not only adds convenience and ease to your daily routine, but also maintains a clean and hygienic.

【Dim without a touch】With EShine undermount cabinet lighting kit, you can adjust brightness simply by holding your hand underneath the hand wave motion sensor. This gives you exactly the level of light you want while saving on electricity costs and providing more consistent brightness than you’ll get with wireless kitchen lights.

【Breezy install】Whether you prefer screws or 3M stickers, these plug in under cabinet LED lights can be installed and shining just minutes after you open the box. EShine LED under cabinet lighting can be used in a variety of settings, including kitchen, office, garage, desk, shelve, toolbox, pantry, laundry, workbench, closet, and more

【Easily expandable】If it turns out you need a few more under cabinet lights, it’s a snap to add to this under counter lighting kit. With the ability to easily expand our under cabinet lighting, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any task or occasion. Simply use our included handy power supply chart to ensure you have enough juice to power them all.

【Power for the planet】Our LED cabinet lights are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming only 18W of power while still providing superior brightness. You can rest easy knowing that you're doing your part for the environment while keeping your electric bill low.  


Light, Your Way - Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with Hand Wave Motion Sensor and Touchless Dimming Control

Are you searching for a plug in under cabinet lighting solution that allows for full control without you having to touch a thing?
Are there areas in your home, garage or office where you need bright LED under counter lights, but you don’t want to spend a fortune and a day on bulky lighting systems?
Do you need undermount cabinet lighting fixtures that anyone can install regardless of their technical aptitude?

Discover Touch-Free Hand Wave Motion Sensor LED Lighting with This 3-Bar Under Cabinet lighting Kit!

With three LED cabinet lights, a 18w power supply and a full complement of screws, wire clips and stickers, you’ll have everything you need to install in minutes. Our under cabinet lights are perfect for kitchen, office, garage, desk, shelf, tool box, pantry, hutch, laundry, workbench, closet and more.

Wave Your Hand: That’s all it takes to turn on or off your workbench lighting; hold your hand under the sensor, you can adjust brightness from 10 to 100% until you reach the perfect level.

Quick Install: For the quickest and lowest profile install, simply use the included double-sided stickers. Whether you want to install all three under counter LED lighting bars together in a chain or spread them further apart beneath your cabinets, this undermount lights kit includes everything you’ll need. You also can could hardwire for more comfortable installation.

These kitchen cabinet lights are available in two colors - Warm White (Model EL5003DW) or Cool White (Model EL5003DC) - to suit different environments. Plus, with its long-lasting LED technology, allowing you to save on your electricity bills.

Order your EShine Under Cabinet LED Lights now and experience its unmatched versatility and functionality!

3X LED bars (Each LED strip has 45 LED's and 430 lm brightness). Panel Size 19.69(L) X 0.38(H) X 1.13 (W) inch.
2X Connection cables (3.3 ft each)
2X Connectors
6X Wire Clips with 3M sticker preinstalled
3X 3M double-sided stickers
6X Screws
6X Screw caps
1X 18W power supply (with 4.9ft cord)

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Ask a Question
  • Can the hand wave control be deactivated so that the lights can be turned on and off just by a controlled receptacle (via typical wall toggle switch)?

    Yes, you can control lights by regular switch, but you will need to bypass sensor. To bypass sensor you need to connect power cord to opposite side of marked side of the panel with IR sensor (marked “Connect Power”). This way light can be controlled by the switch and dimmer (if you have one) or plug/unplug power supply, but you can not use dimmable switches on 110V circuit, only on/off function because our power supply converts 110V to 12V and they are NOT dimmable transformers. You can hardwire it, but you will need to get transformer from 110V to 12V DC, because operating voltage is 12V DC. We suggest that you contact licensed electrician for this type of installation.  

  • Can panels with separate IR senors be connected to control the on / off / dim settings?

    In one chain there can be only one panel with an IR sensor that will control on / off / dim the functions of the whole chain.  

  • Does the 3 panel deluxe kit come with the inter connecting cables? Do all of the lights come on at once or separately? I would like separately. I have a 50" shelf. Is a 40" light too long for this installation? It's a desk in my home. I was going to go with warm light also.

    Connection cables and accessories required for installation are already included. For the on / off / dim function the entire chain, only the control panel with an IR sensor is responsible.

  • Can the lights be connected but operated separately on/off

    No, in one chain there is only one main panel with an IR sensor, which controls the on / off / dim functions of the entire line.