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Black Matte Under Cabinet Puck Lights with Hand Wave Sensor – Dimmable – Pack of 12


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  • HAND WAVE TECHNOLOGY: As opposed to an inconvenient switch you’re forced to manually touch every time, this cabinet lighting features innovative hand wave activation. Allowing you to simply use a wave of your hand to turn all lights on and off, you can complete essential kitchen tasks without wasting time with a light switch.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Whether you need 100% brightness or want to create ambience with a slightly dimmer effect, the brightness of each LED puck light within this set can be adjusted. Simply hold your hand under the corresponding sensor to adjust brightness – it’s really that simple!
  • TWO METHODS OF INSTALLATION: Unlike many other under cabinet lighting options on the market, these innovative puck lights for kitchen cabinets can be installed two different ways – the choice is yours. Able to be fixed into place with screws or strong double-sided stickers, installing these cabinet lights is fully in your control.
  • VERSATILE: Functioning at 12V DC voltage, this LED lighting is touchable and incredibly versatile. Posing no risk, this under counter lighting can be used in a wide variety of locations - including your kitchen, garage and even your closet!
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: Whilst we’re 100% sure you’ll love the benefits this LED under cabinet lighting will provide to your home, if you experience any defects within the first 3 years we’ll happily offer a full refund or replacement – no strings attached.

Transform the Appearance AND Convenience of Your Kitchen with the EShine Under Cabinet Lighting

Specifically designed for convenience and style, this bespoke set of 6 under cabinet LED lights is guaranteed to impress. Super easy to install and operate, these lights will provide an instant modern touch to any kitchen.

Cutting Edge Wave Technology

Allowing you to control their operation with a simple wave of your hand, you’re not only able to easily turn them on and off – but control their brightness too.

Requiring just one wave to turn on and off, you can hover your hand over the corresponding sensor to adjust brightness. So, whether you need super bright light for maximum clarity or want to create a relaxed ambience in your kitchen with a dimmer effect, controlling the function of these lights is effortless – with NO annoying switches required.

Two Installation Methods to Choose From

Specifically designed to suit your exact requirements, these LED puck lights can be installed using two different methods. Able to be fixed with screws or sturdy double-sided stickers, installing these lights is simple and quick – with whichever method suits you best.

3 Year Warranty

Here at EShine, we’re 100% sure you’ll love your new under cabinet lighting. But, if you experience any sort of defect, you’re fully entitled to a refund or replacement as part of our 3 year warranty – no strings attached

Give Your Kitchen an Instant Modern Touch with Premium Convenience – Get Your LED Under Cabinet Lights Today!

What’s Included?

· 12 LED puck lights

· 45 wire clips

· 24 screws

· 12 x 3m double-sided stickers

· 1 12V DC 24W power supply

· 1 Hand wave switch

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