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White Finish 6 Panels 7 inch Compact Size LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting


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【Activates with a hand wave】Experience EShine under cabinet LED lights with hand wave motion sensor. These under counter lights are designed to activate with a simple wave of your hand, eliminating the need for pesky remote controls. With the hand wave motion sensor, you can effortlessly turn the cabinet lighting ON/OFF.

【Touchless dimming control】Allows you to adjust brightness of the under cabinet LED lighting without touching switches or a remote control. Hold your hand under the sensor to activate. It's easy, energy-efficient, and versatile, perfect for kitchen, office, garage, desk, shelf, tool box, pantry, laundry, workbench, closet and more.

【Save you money】These under counter LED lights use an economic 12W power source, reducing your electricity bills and saving you money and protect the environment. Additionally, the long lifespan of the under cabinet lights means that you won't need to replace them as frequently.

【Modern and sturdy】Available in two colors: Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K). Whether you want a cozy, homely feel or a professional, cool-toned ambiance, our LED cabinet lights have got you covered. They are not only stylish but also built to last, we use only the premium materials.

【Easy to install】Our cabinet lighting solution offers 2 easy installation options to choose from. You can either use the included screws for a more permanent installation, or use the 3M stickers for a no-damage option. Wire Clips included for elegant and comfortable look.


LED Under Cabinet Lighting with Hand Wave Motion Sensor, Dimmable 7 inch 6 Panels Kit
Are you looking for Under Cabinet LED Lights to brighten up a dark spot under your kitchen cabinets, office cabinets, in a closet, workbench, hutch, desk or laundry room? Are remote controlled lights too much of a bother to open when you're cooking? If so, we have the PERFECT plug in under cabinet LED lighting solution for you: The Hand Wave Motion Activation LED Under Counter Lighting Kit by EShine!

Sturdy and Economic
This under counter LED lights kit is made from the best materials and uses an economic 12 Watt Power Supply.

Easy to Install
EShine undermount cabinet lighting is easy to install with two installation options: Simple screws method and 6 powerful 3M stickers for a no-damage options, so you don't ruin your precious cabinets.

Fun to Use
Just wave your hand under the sensitive sensor and the light will turn ON. Just do the same to turn it OFF. It is that simple and fun!

Touchless Dimming Control
Hold your hand steady under the sensor and you will see how your LED lighting fixtures change brightness. You can adjust it from 10 to 100%. Is that cool?
Our kitchen cabinet lights available in two colors: Cool White (Model ELW1806DC) and Warm White (Model ELW1806DW).

Order your EShine Under Cabinet LED Lights now and experience its unmatched versatility and functionality!

6X LED bars (One LED strip has 18 LED's and 150 lm brightness). Panel Size 7.1(L) X 0.38(H) X 1.13 (W) inch.
5X Connection cables (3.3 ft each)
5X Connectors
15X Wire Clips with 3M sticker preinstalled
6X 3M double-sided stickers
12X Screws
12X Screw caps
1X 12W power supply (with 4.9ft cord)

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Ask a Question
  • When you use the IR sensor does it adjust all the lights on that string or each one individually?

    Yes, the LED bar with IR sensor will control the on / off / dim functions of the entire chain.

  • CONNECTION cables are they male male if i need a 10 foot one.

    You may purchase an additional 10ft interconnect cable here:

  • Is the sensor built into one light strip or is there a seperate sensor to mount? Either way means you would have to go to that area to control the lights correct?

    Yes, there is only one control panel with an IR sensor in one line. This is responsible for the on / off / dim function of the entire chain.

  • Can you mix different length light strips on the same string? So if I order 12” and 7” I can use both sizes? Thank you.

    Yes, all our 12V panels are compatible and interchangeable.

  • Can you get extra connection cables with kit

    This kit includes 5 x connecting cables. You may also order additional cables on our website