How to Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Space: Pastels


How to Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Space: Pastels

There’s something oh so comforting in colors that makes you feel at home and welcomed into someone’s home, isn’t there? Throughout the years of interior design trends, we’ve always loved how color creates an ambiance and evokes that welcoming feeling that we all relate to in our homes.

In colors, one step up from neutrals are Pastels. Pastels give a little color but not as saturated as the rest. These are lighter shades that work excellently well with praline hues for an overall calming feel and gentle simplicity. Whether you’re thinking of giving your interiors a makeover or just adding some pastel touches to your furnishings – there is a wonderful emergence of pastels in interior design. Pastel colors have come a long way from being seen only in baby nurseries! Today, these relaxing shades also lend a soothing feel to your living spaces, add a retro appeal to your kitchen appliances, and are uniquely modern for your entire home.

A range of pastels in different textures and finishes will also bring a fun and playful aspect to your design. It’s a wonderful way to transform your boring colored kitchen into an inspiring one. Whether you love pretty powder pink kitchen homewares to contribute to breast cancer awareness like so many home brands are doing, or you prefer an upscale gas burner professional grade stove/oven – all are available in your choice of gorgeous pastels from icy aqua mint and lavender to pink and buttery yellow. 

When it comes to matching your pastel color scheme with your home’s LED lighting, be sure to use Cool White. The bright, clean, and white light a Cool White LED light temperature gives will make a beautiful contrast with pastel colors in your home—giving off that calming feeling.

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A cheerful holiday to all!


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