Modernize the Man Cave on Father’s Day with LED Lighting


Modernize the Man Cave on Father’s Day with LED Lighting

Nobody likes complicated things. Especially, with something as essential as lighting. And since

Father’s Day is almost upon us, here’s some ideas of simple, easy and touchless dimmable LED lighting home use your old man will be happy about. 

Under Cabinet Lighting

Because of the ability of LED lighting to reduce heat and reveal color better, it’s the most suited type of lighting for kitchen tasks. They’re in every new kitchen built nowadays. Installing them in your kitchen as the main light creates stunning feature effects while saving you money. If you don’t already have it as your under counter lights then this is the best time to secure one and also give it as a gift for your dad!

Accent Lighting

Highlighting a collection of cool memorabilias is best with accent lighting. And LED puck lights are a popular option for accent lighting. They are ideal for spotlight-style illumination. Puck lights are commonly used for smaller areas to feature decorative objects and in places where other light fixtures would be too bulky or impractical. Usual examples are on bookshelves and hutch desks.

Cost-effective, they can be attached to almost anything to create stunning results inside or outside. While it's a bit more complicated than simply sticking the lights into place, you can buy kits that have everything you need.

Design Pro Tip: These dimmable LED lighting kits from EShine don’t only come with handwave activation but also a 3-year warranty!

Aside from interior design trends for 2021, another great idea is using LED lighting kits in your terrace. There's nothing better than entertaining on a terrace in the summer months, but as the night starts to draw in some LED lights are the perfect option to create an intimate space. As well as framing the door and highlighting the shapes of the home, some terrace design uses spotlights above the social area.

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