Nursery Room Lighting: What You Need to Know


Nursery Room Lighting: What You Need to Know

You saw the swaddle... Your heart almost jumped out of your chest. You were told of how you would feel but still, nothing can compare to how you experience it yourself. You cannot fathom how you can love one person unconditionally… You feel the inexplicable joy of being a parent just by seeing a glimpse of that tiny hand while the nurse is handing your child over to you.

Your world revolves around that one being… You’d do everything to shield her from any kind of harm that would come his/her way. And you’d want your child to see the world better. You love her so much that you would love for her to see the world in the best way possible.

What other best way than to start with lighting in your own home?

What is lighting really? Why do we need it so much?

It’s because nothing exists without light. Colors, textures, and geometry are born for our eyes when light meets matter. At that moment, it’s when the miracle of illumination happens. Lighting is everything in interior design. It plays a big role in how you perceive and experience space. Because it radically affects the appearance of geometry and our mood and emotions as well.

 But knowing all of these, how can you lovingly incorporate it in taking care of your little one?

 Dimmer or a Hand Wave Sensor

 Newborns sleep a lot. They sleep for 16 hours! But they don’t do that continuously… And as the primary caregiver, dimmers (or lights that dim with just a wave of your hand) can help a lot to wind your baby down to sleep. Thanks to our vision system that is calibrated for daylight. And in today's modern technology, this is something light can mimic. 

The tranquil atmosphere created by dimmed lighting acts as a signal for your little dreamer, letting his or her body know it’s time to rest. A dimmer also allows you to slip in for the occasional sneak peek without disturbing the little one. It’s also perfect for late-night feedings and diaper changes, helping to maintain your baby’s sleepy state while you take care of business.

Go ahead and build your own LED lighting kit here!


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