Home Lighting 101: The Power of Ambient Lighting


Home Lighting 101: The Power of Ambient Lighting

Lighting is something we all love and used to understand simply. However, lighting has become more complex when new light sources came into play and started to get introduced into the market like LED lighting.


Hence, this encourages us to continuously gather information about lighting in different variations then we carefully pick out what’s useful.

Ambient lighting provides an area with overall illumination. Also known as base or general lighting, it radiates a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and walk about safely.

When you consult books, or information found online nowadays, it’s easy to say how many Kelvin (aka Color Temperature) is needed for a restaurant, a grand ballroom, or our homes. And it’s quite easy to perceive that we can have a lot of that. But actually, the way we function as human beings is somewhat different.

Think about the sun outside. Ponder how we have a lot of light coming from the sun during the day. Realize how sunlight sustains life on Earth. The radiation coming from the sun contains a lot of green, yellow and blue light which keeps us alive, healthy and awake, respectively during the day. And then at night, we switch to the moonlight which contains much more red light that puts us to sleep and ensures a good, deep slumber.

When the moon goes away, it’s replaced by starlight which gives us just enough light to generate a response in our retina. This is in order for us to see what’s going on but not in color, nor in full motion because that only works with bright daylight.

Our vision system is calibrated for daylight, calibrated for working in an environment that has a powerfully bright type of light.

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