Ambient Lighting: The Origin


Ambient Lighting: The Origin

When you see helpful information, do you easily believe it? Or do you dig deeper for better understanding? Here at EShine, we do.

On Home Lighting 101: The Power of Ambient Lighting (insert a link to the previous article), we promised to discuss how our vision system is calibrated for daylight when working. 

Picturing the Earth in the same condition, scientists concluded that we evolved in Central Africa because lighting there is characterized by high lighting levels, not many shadows, and good color rendering high color temperatures. When you think of everything about light in the living conditions that we have evolved as a species in Central Africa, we actually get a pretty good feel of that vision system.

It’s often construed as a certain lighting level or the horizontal way. But how and what it really should be, is a Vertical Plane. Because that’s how we experience the world.

To understand that, we need to have a closer look at how our eye works. Our eyes are the organ that receives all kinds of visual information and transmits it back to our brain. About a third of our brain is allocated for handling visual expressions and that’s about 83% of all the information around us.

It comes in through our vision so our eyes is a very big gateway for information sampling into our visual system. And it works the way that we are looking at something out there and the image of that goes straight into our fovea centralis, where we have full color vision, high resolution and we see everything in perfect detail in that little area in the middle.

And while we’re walking around there, surviving in Africa; we’re looking for food, running away from somebody that wants to hunt us down, or when we hunt for animals - everything goes on in the vertical plane... And then you have the horizon - right above it you have the bright blue sky and the sun that reflects the light down into the bottom of your retina.

Find out more about an in-depth research (link for the words ‘in-depth research will be the link of the next article) we discovered about how light reflects in our eyes and benefits our health. Something that’ll surely help you skillfully pick out the lighting system you need for your space!


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