What Are The Top Color Trends for 2021?


What Are The Top Color Trends for 2021?

Are you curious what are the top colors for the year 2021? Do you want to know how to use these colors with the latest in interior design? Find out which colors are proposed for 2021 and how to combine and use them in interior design.

Colors are an essential element in our life, especially in interior design. This is because they directly affect how we perceive a space. Consequently, our moods and emotions, too. 

#1 Aegean Teal
This greenish blue shade is cozy and relaxing—essential qualities these days since more than ever, we’re spending more time in our homes. It’s a fresh color that can be used in any area of our home. This tone is a cool color, therefore it’s ideal for creating contrast using warm neutrals and materials and textures such as natural wood, lean fabrics, jute, rustic elements, gold brass, rose gold, etc. You can also opt for a palette combining Aegean Teal with other blue or green tones. However, it is always good to add warm materials as they create balance and contrast in the composition. This tone can be used in multiple ways in your interiors on an accent wall as a color for shelves, interior, or front doors, bathroom, vanity, and in the cabinets or on kitchen islands. 

What Aegean Teal Means

Teal blends blue’s tranquil stability with green’s freshness and optimism properties. 

This color is a revitalizing, rejuvenating, calming color that represents clarity of thought. It calms and balances the mind and emotions.

#2 Urban Bronze

Urban bronze is Sherwin Williams’ color of the year, and it’s a warm and earthy paint color. It is a shade between brown and gray with green undertones. Sherwin Williams describes it as a pure and minimalist expression of nature. Urban bronze conveys a sense of warmth and welcome. This shade is ideal to combine with warm neutrals or greens.

Design Pro Tip: Partner Aegean Teal and Urban Bronze with Cool White LED lighting kits to highlight the coolness this color brings.

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