A Mother’s Love In More Than One Form


A Mother’s Love In More Than One Form

Every second Sunday of May each year, one type of love is celebrated all over the world, the purest one - the unconditional love of a mother. 

A type of love that knows no boundaries… A special kind of love that all human beings have a genetic imprint of needing – one we never outgrow.

Sadly, we are not aware of how essential it is to our existence.

But how about those that grew up not knowing their mother, or those people whose mother have passed away?

Know that you can still get that kind of love and be fulfilled in other ways… Know that you are not alone. You can still feel that love. The universe is just waiting for you to be open to it.

Today at lunch or dinner for Mother’s Day, ponder this…
Mother's Day

Did you know?

A mother’s love can be sourced
not only from one person as many have believed for a long time now.


Because no matter how great a mother is, she cannot provide what the human soul needs for a lifetime. We need more than one person can provide. We need a lot of that, of unconditional love. 

We all come into this world with a beautiful and pure heart, but most often than not, end up broken because we do not realize the existence of mother love in other forms.

At the back of our minds, we know that there’s something missing. So we look for it. But once we do not find it and feel the lack of it, we turn to those who love us and hate them because that’s what our brains have been wired to get used to from the start. That the only source of unconditional love should come from only one human being. Other times, we tend to look for it in unhealthy relationships that break us further and leave us more empty.

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