How to Attract the Chinese Buyers to Purchase Your Property? Part I


How to Attract the Chinese Buyers to Purchase Your Property? Part I

Do you know that the Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days? Yes! 

Why do the Chinese celebrate it for 15 days long? Well, there are a lot of customs tied around it but the main purpose is that it’s traditionally a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors. It’s also a time to bring the family together for feasting.

Even the western fashion industry pays tribute to the festivity by pasting the zodiac’s 12 animal cartoon forms over bags, clothing and accessories. They must have been shocked with the $150 billion the Chinese consumers spent the Chinese New Year of 2019.

According to the oldest traditions, people follow a day-by-day schedule of Chinese New Year festivities from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, with specific things to do on certain days.

Among to avoid though for “bad luck” are cleaning clothes, using scissors, being near crying children and leaving the house (if you are a woman); if you manage these, which is splendid if you are a parent, then you will have good luck in the year ahead.

If you’re planning any property investment opportunities this year and attract Chinese tenants or sell your property to Chinese buyers, you might want a little extra help than relying on the Year of the Rat luck alone, here are two of the most important tips:

1. First impressions

A home’s entrance is very important to the Chinese as that is what attracts positive energy and good fortune to those living there. The front door, for example, shouldn’t be aligned with the back door as the positive energy will simply flow out of the property leaving the inhabitants with money and health worries. The front door should also not face staircases or elevators for the same reason.

All the better if you have a well-lit kitchen as Chinese consumers love to dine. This will ultimately attract them into buying your property.

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