TOP 4 Tips on How to Achieve a Gorgeous Home Using Lighting


TOP 4 Tips on How to Achieve a Gorgeous Home Using Lighting

Did you just buy a new house? Here are some designer tips for lighting and choosing the right fixture for your space.

DESIGNER’S TIP 1: Plan out the function of each room.
When you’re planning the lighting for a new home, it’s very important to identify the function of each room. Why? Because this is the phase when you can do it without too much effort. You’d want to sit down and plan the space for each room the way you think you might want to use it. Now, this may change a little bit in the future but the lighting is very important. You’d want to ensure the lighting matches what you have planned out.

DESIGNER’S TIP 2: Always place your lighting on dimmers.
Always place your lighting on dimmers you want to be able to control how dim or bright the light emits so that you can control the vibe and the mood of each space, the only exception is probably the bathroom lighting where you want a controlled amount of light all the time so if you have a wall sconce in the bathroom and recessed LED bar lights, you have to have separate dimmers for the LED bars and a regular on and off switch for the wall sconce. 

If you don’t have dimmers currently installed, no need to call an electrician because even YouTube is swarming with videos on how to do it yourself. Also make sure you buy dimmable LED lights

DESIGNER’S TIP 3: Choose what you LOVE and it will translate into any style.

Choose what you love and it can translate to any style regardless of your accessories or your furnishings for your home. Look at a fixture and if it elicits a really positive reaction out of you or you just love to stare at it then go for it. If you love it you’ll always take it with you from space to space no matter how many times you move.

DESIGNER’S TIP 4: Always splurge on lighting.
Get the best you can afford or save up for the perfect piece that you’ve been eyeing for months. You will never ever regret spending more on lighting than you do on furniture.

Remember these are not hard rules but more of a general guideline to help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right fixture for your space.

Lighting is like a statement piece to start a conversation. Lighting fixtures are accessories to a complete outfit. It is the finishing touch to make or break a room.

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