Different Ways to Light your Space: Lighting Design Styles Part II


Different Ways to Light your Space: Lighting Design Styles Part II

In continuation of our previous discussion about different lighting design styles, here are more of them below.

Combinations - combining three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent in different ways will help you achieve very good results. And this is something LED lighting kits are popular for nowadays.

Ambient light is a general illumination in a space and both tasks and accent lighting contribute to ambient lighting. However, ambient light sets the predominant light level and atmosphere in a space. The lighting here is subtly determining activities by subconsciously affecting the space perceived. Note here the different sizes, shapes and location of the lighting fixture and how they follow the shape of the space it’s above.

Irregular Spacing - lighting on a grid is a typical approach as well when even light levels are required. Random patterns promote exploration but use this concept sparingly and in combination with lighting in a grid. This concept is technically artificial lighting but combined with artificial lighting or daylight can create very interesting spaces. Cut out openings or windows permits a look into the house during the day and they glow at night with the use of artificial light.

Bold Groups - using many of the same type of light fixtures help anchor spaces by defining an overhead plane and acts as a stopping point for the eye, they create an implied space because of the pool of light they cast that illuminates the horizontal plane below. Think in multiples for maximum effect as it shows intention and thought.

Destination Lights - light normally attracts us and purposes refuge, this concept can be used in any part of a home or space. However, it’s particularly powerful outside to announce entry and  establish gathering points and also suggest hierarchy among building components.

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