How to Choose the Best Lighting for your Space?


How to Choose the Best Lighting for your Space?

Are you in the process of home or office renovation? Or did you just move in?

In this article and the next few ones, we’ll help you by breaking down the four principles that you should look out for when deciding on the right light fixture for your space. We’ll be discussing the size of the fixture and the location of the room, the scale of the fixture in proportion to the room, the ceiling heights and the shape of the room, and lastly, we’ll be breaking down the styles and functions.

4 Key Principles in choosing the best lighting for your space: 

  1. Size and Location
  2. Scale and Proportion
  3. Ceiling Height and Shape of Room
  4. Style and Function

In technical terms, accent lights are typically three times as bright as ambient lights. Recessed spot ceiling lights, track lights or wall-mounted lights are very effective in living or common areas since they can be angled and directed to create a highlight. As the name suggests task lighting is a particular task for activities such as reading, writing, eating or preparing food, it focuses on the particular area where the task is performed and it’s brighter than ambient light. Task lighting will be the most functional layer of your lighting plan. Examples of task lighting include recessed and track lighting pendants, under cabinet lighting, floor desk and table lamps or bathroom vanity light.

A good lighting plan provides functional lighting but it’s also an excellent element to be used to reinforce the rooms desired design style. At the time of selecting your lighting feature, don’t forget to select a perfect one that complements the interior design style that you are looking for. Remember that a good interior design blends function and aesthetic.

Watch out for the next article as we continue to discuss these key principles!


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