What are the Key Principles in Choosing the Best Lighting for your Space?


What are the Key Principles in Choosing the Best Lighting for your Space?

Size and Location
Typically, a living room is one of the largest common areas that you’ll have in your space. Think about what each area of the living room needs. Try breaking down the room into functional areas.

Ask yourself, where do you need the most light?

Does it need to be bright and concentrated or a background ambient light?

Lighting the whole living room, in general, raises the much needed and basic overall ambient light. Installing a chandelier is a good idea because a chandelier has arms to appropriately fill up space. Adding decorative lamps highlights and accentuates your living room decor and furniture. Furthermore, a brighter LED lighting kit near to where you perform activities helps you read and focus. You will be delighted to find that EShine LEDs are dimmable and can be turned on and off with just a wave of your hand.

These LEDs can also work as spotlights and picture lights for highlighting artwork and other living room decorations.

Scale and Proportion
In a dining room, the light fixture is usually situated right above the table. Specify a smaller chandelier or a pendant light so not only does it light up your tabletop but it's really a beautiful focal point to kind of anchor.

Another usual part of the kitchen - kitchen Islands are usually one of the trickier spaces to source a light fixture. First, you have to measure the size of your island and then you’ll know what type of fixture looks the best right underneath it. For smaller or square-shaped islands, look for a linear pendant or a petite chandelier. For islands 6 feet or longer, try 2-3 pendant lights spanning the length of the island.

Lastly, the thing that makes the difference and can definitely set the tone of your kitchen is under cabinet lights. You can either use lighting kits or puck lights to highlight a lovely backsplash.

We’ve got two more principles to tackle so stay tuned next week!


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