Different Ways to Light your Space: Lighting Design Styles Part I


Different Ways to Light your Space: Lighting Design Styles Part I

Our prevailing sense as humans is sight. We've advanced to finely-tuned attention to light.  Along with light, Architecture invokes feelings to render the scale and atmosphere of our spaces and to create functional places in which we live. There are three essential types of light: there’s ambient, task and accent lighting.

Here are a few examples that you can reconsider on your next project. 

Concealed Light Source - concealing the light source is an interesting concept because it emphasizes architectural form or structure and it adds mystery and depth particularly to tight spaces. Knowing where the light originates from, we draw our own conclusions and stretch out the view of a room to incorporate the source of the light outside.

The staircase below has lighting hidden in the handrails that highlights the verticality of the staircase. You can achieve a similar effect by using EShine led light bars.

Theatrical - while many lighting techniques depend on the even distribution of light, a theatrical treatment can be helpful for making a passionate association for the place building up significance and also driving individuals to a destination space where they can feel warm and homely. They can also feel calm and spiritual with just the effect of light. High levels of contrast between the material and the light is what makes this lighting so successful.

This style of lighting fits the entertainment room or if you have a mini theater at home. The Theatrical lighting style is also commonly used in lighting the back of TVs at home.

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