How to Keep a Sense of Placeness Using LED Lighting


How to Keep a Sense of Placeness Using LED Lighting

It is no secret that we, as individuals develop very strong emotional attachment to the places that they live in. These affectionate bonds between people and places go by a variety of terms, including “Topophilia,” “Rootedness,” and “Attachment to Place.”

Why? You may wonder… Is it a need that I have to fulfill?

Oh well, yes. Most definitely.

In Psychology, it is defined in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Having a place that we can call home is one of our physiological needs. It’s a basic necessity. One simply cannot transcend or move onto the next level without completing the previous level.

A strong attachment to the place that you live at results in greater satisfaction with your home and expectations of future stability in that place. 

And when we feel rooted to a certain place, these feelings also transcend attachments to other people in the area and represent a genuine affection for the physical location itself. Moreover, the passage of time strengthens our attachment to the places that we live in.

Why is that?

Because our physical surroundings play such an important role in creating a sense of meaning and organization in our lives, it is not surprising that our sense of the place we live is closely tied to our sense of who we are as a human being.

In the "Wizard of Oz," Dorothy doesn't achieve closure until she recognizes that "There is no place like home."

Taking all of these in, setting the ambiance of your home is a vital component in eliciting the feeling of belonging or our sense of placeness. That comfortable feeling where all of your basic needs are provided can be accomplished by not only including design but also through decluttering.

Have you heard about the KonMari method?

Also, decluttering can mean having a room dotted only with tales of the past – lamps, cutlery, china and ornaments that have been handed down through the years – all the while keeping a rich layer of texture and comfort.

Then as design finale, use EShine LED lighting kits and let them serve as focal points.

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