Increase Your Home's Property Value: 3 Affordable Feature Upgrades


Increase Your Home's Property Value: 3 Affordable Feature Upgrades

Have you ever wondered why there are homes that sell for more than its market value while other homes sell for less? Whether you’re remodeling for yourself or for the purpose of selling your home, there are simple but effective and affordable ways to add that curb appeal and increase its value.

  1. Additional Room - Modifying your floor plan by adding a room can be a great way to add value to a property. If you take a 2-bedroom house and turn it into a 3-bedroom house, then that’s likely going to appeal to a broader set of the market and people are going to be willing to pay more for a 4-bedroom house than a 2-bedroom house.
  2. Fresh Paint/Carpet - Fresh paint in neutral colors is considered always a good idea to help stage your home and get its best possible resale value. Be careful to keep personal color preferences in check as they may be a deterrent to prospective buyers. 
  3. Home Lighting - Going for lavish lighting fixtures is a common mistake here. When you go to a lighting store, don’t get caught up psychologically with the marketing tactics. Instead of picking that luxurious looking chandelier or pendant light, go for LED strip lighting which is a more affordable choice. You can use it as general lighting and hide it in the crown moldings of your home. It adds depth to your home by giving the ceiling height and making it feel higher than what it really is.

Increase Your Home's Property Value: 3 Affordable Feature Upgrades

EShine LED strip lighting has dimmable versions meaning you do not have to buy a separate dimmer. You can adjust the light levels by holding your hands steadily under the sensor to achieve the brightness or dimness you desire.

Small improvements can really pay off. Start planning for your home improvement and upgrades now by browsing our range of affordable LED light kits!


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