Living Room Interior Redesign-No Cost Decorating Tips


Living Room Interior Redesign-No Cost Decorating Tips

After the splurge of the holiday season, we must now all set the holiday decorations aside and don a new look for our homes. This would mean getting ready to do an interior redesign in a living room and an interior redesign is where we take existing furnishings and give them a new,  fresh look with what they already own. That means, there’s no need to buy anything.

So here are a few tips for redesigning at no cost:

Keep function in mind.
If you have a baby at home and use the living room for two reasons; utilize the floor space to let the baby play on the floor while sitting down with your kid or entertain and use the seating when guests are over. And the living room is usually the main gathering space.

Avoid the Doctor’s Waiting Room effect. 

Living rooms are good in a way that it’s a big room with high ceilings. But sometimes we don't put too much thought into designing it. We pick the furniture pieces that we like and we just kind of pushed it up against the walls and that’s it. Doing this doesn't feel like there's much depth to the room.

Go for the Campfire effect.

A way to address that is to pull the furniture off the wall; create some interesting angles and create an intimate conversation area. To do it, first, empty the room so it’s not influenced by anything that’s currently there.

  • Pull the couches and furniture off the wall putting and create seating for at least nine people.
  • Place the big pieces of furniture back in the room, then smaller ones towards the center. Pulling furniture off the walls and putting it on an angle add visual interest and also creates a more intimate inviting seating arrangement.

Illuminate your living room using different kinds of LED lighting.
Take advantage of ambient, accent, and task lighting. These will allow for varying atmospheres and purposes.

If used correctly according to design and scale, ambient light creates a fantastic environment to relax from an overly stressful day or to have a warm conversation with an old friend. Accent lighting complements ambient lighting when placed properly. Additionally, opt to place dimmable LED lighting in areas where you love to read. 



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