TOP 10 Interior Design Ideas Every Living Room Must-Have For 2021


TOP 10 Interior Design Ideas Every Living Room Must-Have For 2021

There are must-have items every living room should include, no matter what the style of the designers.

  • Something Living
  • Every living room needs to have something that’s alive and flourishing in it. Indoor plants not only make your space more inviting and luxurious but in the practical sense, they also make the air in our homes healthier. And it reduces noise levels, too.

    There is a softness in plants that helps warm a home by its organic shapes that make an exquisite contrast with the straight lines of the space and furniture. Plants add life and color into a space while also bringing you closer to nature, make you happier and it improves your quality of life! 

    Additionally, floral arrangements instantly add life and a pop of color into your living room. Depending on the type, size and planter or vase you choose, plants can actually help you complete modern design.

    For easy maintenance of indoor plants, ensure they are placed near large-sized windows for a concentrated and bright light. If this is not available, get a LED lighting kit and place it near your indoor plants.

  • Comfortable Rug
  • A cozy, soft texture rug is an interior trend. You must make sure that the rug is made up of soft material and in a beautiful pattern or in a color that matches your interior design style. A rug with a soft texture that feels cozy under your feet makes you feel relaxed and in a perfect mood to read a book or stay home to enjoy a movie with your family.

    Remember that a good design is not only about aesthetics, it’s also about how we feel the textures and materials by our tactile sense. This is extremely important when it comes to achieving a cozy and comfortable space. 

  • Coffee Table
  • With the right color shape and design style, your coffee table blends all your furniture together helping balance out any piece in your living room and makes the room feel complete.

    Design Tip: Make a balance between your coffee table and your furniture! Mix and match textures, height, colors and shapes! 

    The coffee table isn’t just a functional element but with it you can add contrast and texture to complement the composition of your space. And it’s ideal to complement the whole composition!

    And of course, if you have a coffee table, you’d have a side table and an end table, too. It’s hard to deny the necessity of these accent tables. Match them with EShine LED puck lights!

    Puck LED lighting kits are best to use as accent lighting. Accent lighting is just three of the basic lighting any space must have.


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