8 Frugal Ways to Get the Look of Trendy Lighting Using Dimmable LEDs


8 Frugal Ways to Get the Look of Trendy Lighting Using Dimmable LEDs

LEDs are one of the most cost-effective ways to get trend lighting without breaking the bank. LED lighting can be used with dimmable switches, which offer a lot of flexibility when you're trying to set up your lights in various settings.

We'll take a look at 8 different frugal ways that you can use LEDs and dimmable switches to create some pretty cool looks for your home.

  1. Use a mix of warm and cool white bulbs - In order to get the most out of LED light panels (it comes in sets or individual), you need to have both colors so that the whites don't look yellow or blue-ish when turned on. So ideally you'll want to use warm white for areas like kitchens and bathrooms where people spend more time, but use cool white in hallways or other common spaces where there is less traffic. You can also try using different color temperatures (low temperature is 2700K, high temperature is 5000K) with different parts of the same room to add some extra character.
  2. Try adding accent lights -  To get the most bang for your buck, you'll want to purchase LED lights that are dimmable in any setting, not just full on or off. This will allow you to experiment with different light levels when they're turned off in order to create mood lighting or to highlight different objects in your space.

Design Pro Tip: Use LED puck lights as accent lighting for a more dramatic and exceptional look.

  1. Only turn on the lights you need -  You can also use dimmable switches to only turn on certain sections of under-cabinet lighting. This will reduce the amount of light pollution that comes from these lights, which is great for getting people ready to sleep at night, or for shutting down for the day.
  2. Switch to LED task lighting -  Lamps are wonderful for giving off a nice amount of light that's easy on the eyes and great for reading or hobbies, but many people waste energy by leaving lamps turned on even when they're not in use. Instead opt for LED task lighting that you can put in different locations throughout your house, like under-cabinet lighting or nightstand lamps.
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