Accent Lighting: How to Factor Dimmers in Lighting your Space


Accent Lighting: How to Factor Dimmers in Lighting your Space

Lighting it’s the unsung hero of the home and it’s easy to get wrong.

Lighting is one of those things that could be the reason you might not walk into a room and you’ll definitely notice if it’s done wrong.

You see there’s much more to lighting than just picking out stylish lamps and fixtures placement size, wattage of each fixture and temperature all influence people’s experience and the function of the room. Hence, it’s important to learn how to light your home and ensure that it will all be  complementing your personality. And now is the time to talk about planning ahead when it comes to your lighting because it’s not easily done mid road.

Sometimes it’s about scaling something unique in the room that draws attention. And of the three lighting types, Accent lighting is what you need to deliver a surprise for the eye. Accent lights are the pretty light fixtures that look good aesthetically. A perfect example of this would be LED puck lights. They’re decorative and are only meant to make the space even prettier.

Also, this where dimmers or dimmer switches come in. Don’t you just love dimmers? Dimmers are the cheapest way to create a mood in your house especially with lighting. EShine under cabinet LED puck lights have the Hold or Click dimming function which means you can see what difference it makes when you hit lower and when you go all the way up (hold function) for those times you need the light to be at its brightest. Otherwise, you can choose a lower setting to warm the space’ mood and create a cozy atmosphere with dimmers.

You can also choose between two color temperatures: Cool White and Warm White. They’re a great way to add personality and style to your space.

Plus you can customize the types of lighting you want with EShine! Go ahead and build your own kit here!


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