A Better Approach to Lighting your Garage


A Better Approach to Lighting your Garage

After spending most of your time indoors the past few months, we’re sure you’ve stared at your garage space and imagined a whole new look for it. You might think that a renovation would require a design professional and a bigger budget, but you can totally achieve a garage makeover without spending too much! And you’d be surprised to know that it’s all in the lighting!

Whether you use it for parking your car, as a workshop, a storage hub, or all of the above, you need good lighting in your garage. Yet garages tend to be poorly lit, which makes them difficult to navigate, causes eye strain during DIY projects, and leaves you vulnerable to falls and injuries!

The key to avoiding these is to know how you can improve your garage lighting. Below are some smart measures to better illuminate your garage, boosting the safety, visibility, efficiency, and even the beauty of the space.

Don’t just stop at overhead lighting

Fluorescent lights are the conventional choice for garage spaces. And it’s just not enough. It’s a common scene in fiction and definitely, your garage or workshop shouldn’t look like something out of an old movie. It needs good lighting so you can see those socket sizes or locate a screw that rolled under your tool chest. Studies show that there’s been a rise in using LEDs for garage lighting.

The average brightness of a LED light for a garage should be around 4,000 lumens. You can choose individual LED panels that are double as bright, but keep in mind that sometimes it is better to buy LED lighting kits and spread it evenly around the garage than using just one strong source of light.

Choose lighting fixtures based on function
Light fixture types fall into one of three categories—ambient, task, and accent—and ideally, your garage should have all forms.

Ambient lighting is soft overhead light used to illuminate the floors and walls so you can safely walk around or park your vehicles.

Task lighting is brighter, intended for work and storage areas to lend increased visibility during detail-oriented projects and organizational tasks.

Accent lighting, in between ambient and task lighting in brightness, shines on showpieces you want to emphasize, be it a foosball table or an old trophy collection.

Because the garage tends to be a multi-use space, it’s best to layer illumination so you’ll have the right light for parking, handiwork, storage, and display. Keep these classifications in mind for selecting and positioning all garage lighting fixtures.

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