A Way to Better Ensure Safety in your Homes against Covid-19


A Way to Better Ensure Safety in your Homes against Covid-19

There is a circulating pandemic... A lot can be said about it. But how about you? What steps have you taken to ensure your safety? Your family’s safety? How are you coping at home despite these events? 

In the midst of the Coronavirus disease, we are all in fear for our lives. But what do you combat fear with? You combat it with information.

Along with what news that media outlets provide us, it’s highly important that we continuously disinfect our homes.

But what really makes all the difference in how we experience a room or an area? What is the element that helps our brains confirm that our home is clean and safe enough? Yes, you got it right! It’s Lighting. Sadly though, many of us put light layering as an afterthought in our interiors.

And during these trying times of a worldwide pandemic, it serves not only as an aesthetic function but also as an aid to the safety of our lives. Yes, others may say ultraviolet disinfection lamps are effective in killing the virus but this has been refuted by WHO.

According to Houzz.com’s The 5 Layers of a Well-Lit Kitchen, light layering helps you create a functional, adaptable and properly illuminated kitchen.

Task lighting is the type of light focused to help us see better in a particular area and lets us complete a task easier. In the Study room wherein your work surface can then be supplemented with task lighting from under cabinet lights. It gives you total control over where and how much light you need for other tasks, such as reading a document. In the kitchen, while you chop vegetables and work with high-temperature burners, pots, and pans. And a lot of other areas within your home.

For the purposes of this writing and the current situation we are facing, task lighting helps us ‘clean better’. EShine dimmable LED lighting kits are well-suited to this.

Ensure your family’s safety. Browse for the LED lighting kit you deserve here.


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