TOP 5 Tips To Make Your House Look More Expensive Part I


TOP 5 Tips To Make Your House Look More Expensive Part I

In creating the ultimate upscale experience to make your home look more expensive you want to consider all aspects of the design. From the floors to the walls to the ceiling, there shouldn't be a surface that’s left untreated.

TIP #1: Let the 7 elements of Interior Design be present from your floor to your ceiling
You’ll want to have a visual language from the pattern on your floors to the color of the walls and finally what’s happening in the ceiling you never want to neglect the ceiling and just leave it plain old white unless that’s your intention you can always tint the ceiling with the color that’s a little bit lighter than the walls. You’ll see that all of a sudden it draws your eye up and the design seems very intentional in that way.

TIP #2: Use wallpaper as a game-changer
Another easy way to make a room look completely luxurious is adding wallpaper. There's nothing that screams high-end luxe like a room that’s completely covered from wall to wall.

You can choose a really beautiful neutral toned wallpaper that’s just textured and when the lighting in your home hits it, it’ll have a really faint glimmer or you can choose a really bold and patterned wallpaper. It all depends on your personality. The visual impact of wallpaper is a bar none to paint.

If you’ve ever walked into a really beautiful hotel room and the first thing you noticed was this beautiful textured wall, that is the power of wallpaper. It makes the room seem elegant, sophisticated, cozy and very high-end.

If you can’t afford to wallpaper an entire room try wallpapering a smaller room like a powder room or you could wallpaper in one focal wall. Wallpaper in one focal wall will surely have the impact that you’re going to go for.

TIP #3: Light in Layers
A surefire way to make your home look more expensive is to layer your lighting once you have the general lighting in which is usually some sort of overhead lighting like recessed lighting. You can then layer on more accent lighting using EShine dimmable LED lighting kits, some pendant fixtures hanging down, sconces that get installed on the walls and finally with a really beautiful table lamp or floor lamp.

Stay tuned for more tips!

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