A Way To Delightfully Celebrate Columbus Day With Your Family


A Way To Delightfully Celebrate Columbus Day With Your Family

your school or office. Processions that usually include bands, groups, floats and other contingents. Yes, you’re right! It’s Columbus Day! It’s originally observed on October 12 of every year, but was changed to the second Monday in October beginning in 1971.

In some parts of the country, Columbus Day has evolved into a celebration of an Italian-American heritage. Local groups host parades and street fairs that feature colorful costumes, music and Italian forage. In places that use the second Monday of October to honor indigenous peoples, activities include pow-wows, traditional dance events and lessons about Native American culture.

How about you? What do you celebrate on this day?

Families gather during this long weekend to celebrate and enjoy. But this year's events are likely to be a bit different. If you’re one of those families who cooks and chooses to stay at home due to Covid-19 and social distancing measures, you may want to consider reading up on the secret of producing Instagram-worthy photos of your kitchen. Of course, who wouldn’t want to share family time spent on Instagram, right? And great photos need great, focused LED lighting, especially in the kitchen where your family and guests often gather to eat, prepare food and socialize.

You can choose from two color temperatures—Warm White and Cool White. They even come in dimmable and rechargeable versions. Rechargeable LED lights come handy when you travel in RVs and you want a picnic with the family overlooking a great scenery outdoors.

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Happy Columbus Day!


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