TOP 5 Tips To Make Your House Look More Expensive Part II


TOP 5 Tips To Make Your House Look More Expensive Part II

When lighting in layers, the idea is to have your eye travel around the room and let it land and rest on surfaces that you intend to draw the viewer into. If you have a really beautiful gallery wall and some feature lights that were accented on that gallery wall they’ll draw visual impact to that wall versus when you’re not layering lighting at all and sometimes your gallery wall falls flat. So it’s never about more lighting but strategic lighting.

TIP #4: Furniture Layout

And creating multiple seating groups also helps you make your home feel cozier.

The idea is to create smaller seating groups and little zones based on conversation areas you want to design. But what actually is a Seating Group? A seating group is characterized as anything with a chair next to it.

It could be a single club chair with a nice little accent table that becomes your favorite reading nook. It could be two chairs that are facing each other right beside a fireplace and it’s been the perfect place to have a little game table. It could be a larger sectional and a few accent chairs that create a living room. When you create seating groups in your home, it allows a user multiple ways to enjoy the space and makes your home look more custom and well-designed.

TIP #5: Architectural Details
Another way to make your home look more custom at high hand is to add architectural detailing like molding and trim work. This includes everything from base molding to crown molding to beautiful casings around your door, panel molding on the walls, wainscoting, chair railing, anything that you can apply to the surface to give it a cosmetic facelift. You’ll see the difference in your room before where there’s just plain walls. And the minute you added some really simple architectural panel molding to the walls, all of a sudden there’s life there’s texture.

And what other best way to highlight these details than LED lighting?

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